In 1994 Jim Kilpatrick set a goal to establish a service business in the area where he lived. After consulting with people about a variety of businesses, Jim settled in on the carpet care business. He chose carpet care primarily because it was viewed as a service industry needing professional attention and requiring integrity and honesty in order to grow and succeed. Jim spent six months researching the market, and by December 1994 had written his five-year business plan.

In January 1995, Bridgepoint, a national distributor of carpet care products, opened a branch facility in Nashville. Over the next 5 months, Jim was able to acquire the equipment, supplies and some certification classes through Bridgepoint. He also hired his first employee who was attending one of the classes during that same time.

In June 1995, Pro-Care served its first customer, and by the end of the year 2000, its fifth year in business, the client list had grown to more than 800.

Starting in the fourth year of operations, in keeping with Jim

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